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I’m gonna follow my heart right back to you
You’re the one thing I can’t stand to lose
I’m gonna follow my heart back to you …
safe (1500611) artist:enigmadoodles (38) idw (13702) king sombra (12181) radiant hope (400) crystal pony (3896) pony (777846) unicorn (233044) cape (8357) cloak (3573) clothes (381388) crystal heart (735) female (824707) heart (40404) hopebra (116) jewelry (43920) looking at each other (14326) male (281591) mare (374305) nuzzling (3520) reformed sombra (92) regalia (14097) shipping (174132) simple background (315699) smiling (197109) stallion (82595) straight (115239) transparent background (164543)


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Background Pony #0FAF
Show Sombra and IDW Sombra are NOT the same characters. IDW/Gameloft Sombra is powerful enough to beat Celestia and Luna, cause the Mane 6 to flee and beat Cadance. Show Sombra could not even beat Discord and lost easily to the Mane 6.
cheng weng hoe

Fiendship is magic"sombra"More than a thousand years ago, his name was sombra. Why did he name him "king"? He ran very cold and was very dangerous, He found red crystals His shadow ponies umbrum then sombra went to take the heart of crystal, princess amore was killed using the statue to smash her statue of princess amore, radiant hope to tell them celestia and luna Now execute the task. The last story "Siege of the Crystal Empire", radiant hope to save him sombra, slowly study the improvement of ideas, and finally link Crystal heart, So sombra is saved and now Sombra tells her to resurrect princess amore, sombra he smashed statue. Know that you have the heart radiant hope

sombra: statue fossil (celestia and luna execute the task)
king sombra: dark crystal (mane six execute the task)
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Artist -

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@Background Pony #9CAA
I've been thinking about how to complement the 2 versions of the character, for a fanfic. In my canon, the true Sombra is in suspended animation and the one that has been appearing in the series so far is some kind of avatar created by its subconscious.
That's why he always comes back and is such a generic villain.
Background Pony #A7BF
This brings me tears! Still love the comic's sombra more than the show's version itself. Has a complicated back story, makes you feel sympathy for the villain, and actually has a more interesting conflict!