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Another ship to add to the pile. Both Tempest Shadow and Pharynx served as lieutenants for evil leaders, and they were good at it. And now they are both feeling kind of lost in lands that are trying to settle into peace. But thanks to their friends and family, both were able to find their places.

While Pharynx remains head of the military branch of the Changelings, Tempest Shadow becomes the head of the guard for Twilight's castle. She not only commands the pony guard, but the Storm King's formal henchmen as well. Grubber is still around, he becomes the head chef of the castle.

Tempest not only is the head the guard, but prides herself as Twilight's personal body guard during out of town meetings. This is how she met Pharynx, who was with Thorax for one of these meetings. The two didn't hit it off right away, but talking about past battles and strategies brought them a little closer. In time a long distance relationship takes place.

I would imagine the two aren't very showing of their relationship status, being official around each other in the public eye, yet friendly and casual when alone. The two enjoy testing each others strength and battle styles against one another. Tempest Shadow has a tendency to get the best of Pharynx and he finds himself pinned to the ground with his beloved grinning down triumphantly at him.
safe1598834 artist:nightwolf843 pharynx896 tempest shadow15994 changedling7519 changeling41987 classical unicorn3768 pony868050 unicorn278369 cloven hooves8987 crack shipping3494 eye scar4553 heart44003 interspecies21000 leonine tail7283 prince pharynx630 scar10608 scrunchy face6797 shipping186088 tempynx18 traditional art110089 tsundere2673 unshorn fetlocks22041


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Background Pony #862A
It almost looks like she’s tickling his leg with her tail. To me at least.