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explicit417955 artist:atryl2065 twilight sparkle333238 anthro316414 bondage41055 box tied900 breasts344066 bukkake3263 clopfic in the comments1057 collar41563 cum93775 cum on breasts3347 cum on hair2250 facial9653 female1605906 happy bondage830 implied straight6016 kneeling11226 licking lips5102 nipples212116 nudity453213 oral57926 oral creampie6041 pet tag2183 rope14199 sex149097 smiling332009 solo1270468 solo female207917 tongue out128899


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

You thought you were sooo clever, tying her up so you could have the upper hand in the sex for once. But you shouldn’t have let her talk you into starting with a blowjob. And you surely shouldn’t have let her con you into claiming you’d put it all in her pussy. She revved it up right as you were on the edge, so that when you pulled out it went all over her… including her horn.
A little known fact is that a drop of blood on a unicorn’s horn forms a temporary link of sympathetic magic between the unicorn and whoever the blood came from. The same hold true for a drop of virile semen, but the link centers on the operative area.
She can make you go limp for as long as it takes the link to fade… or keep your balls overfilling themselves to the point where you’ll leak a quart an hour without any stimulation. The glint in her eyes tells you it’ll be more like the second option. And indeed, your erection swells to straining in seconds, the magical glow around your balls making them fill and fill and fill until the head weeps your cum all over the floor. Twilight licks her lips again, opening her mouth wide for her yummy treat~
When Monday finally rolls around, Twilight walks out the door, only long practice keeping her from walking funny while the last of your cum is held in by her special panties and their attachments. You, on the other hand, are having to use up your vacation time at work, tied up in Twilight’s bedroom with your cum being leaked into a tank, her enchanted cockring keeping you from actually cumming or leaking more than just enough to keep your balls from blowing a blood vessel. Worse, they seem to be slowly gaining volume, probably due to one of the other dozen spells Twilight’s put on them.
It’s going to be a long week.
Background Pony #6A43
Want a video? Can’t promise you will be sane by the end of it, though.