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suggestive140962 artist:bigdad464 pinkie pie214688 human153000 absolute cleavage3416 bbw4290 big breasts80677 bikini17832 breasts273826 busty pinkie pie10734 chubbie pie588 chubby13019 cleavage34187 clothes453746 erect nipples10465 fat21880 female1348443 huge breasts37750 humanized99303 implied blowjob866 implied oral1639 implied sex5907 muffin top701 nipple outline7356 pony coloring2604 pudgy pie1519 solo1053324 solo female178052 swimsuit27813 wide hips16788


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Background Pony #BB9B
@Lupin Quill
They’ve got one of the most hilariously gluttonous characters ever made, and she’s had nine seasons to work with, but imo this aspect of her was underused. So, fingers crossed! XD
Background Pony #BB9B
@Lupin Quill
I’m just gonna say, since the last season is upon us, I hope there is one last weight gain scene featuring pinkie pie. Because I find them cute, funny and…other reasons.

I don’t think we’ve had one since the season 5 opener, and there’s only been like, 4 across the entire series (6 if you count the comics), and all where little quick scenes only.

Pinkie pie I wouldn't mind if you were a little bit chubby but here you're a little too chubby to where it's unhealthy. So please lose a little bit of weight.