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safe1786080 artist:pinweena3039 derpibooru exclusive30069 applejack175775 fluttershy220458 pinkie pie223072 rainbow dash241757 rarity188397 twilight sparkle310395 alicorn239170 earth pony281075 pegasus323304 pony1087559 unicorn357312 circling stars464 cowboy hat18026 crying45702 cute210167 dashabetes9827 diapinkes10454 end of ponies801 eyes closed101651 female1434534 happy33009 hat93386 hug29804 jackabetes6399 magic77271 mane six32988 raribetes5761 sad25639 shyabetes14851 smiling272870 stars16916 tears of joy2693 thank you265 twiabetes12477 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127998 winghug3068 wings131131


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OP, please, you gonna learn about tagging properly next time, “Screencap” is ONLY FOR official screen captures, even official animations or whole official video sections, from the official MLP content, this is fan-made drawn by the whole artist itself, unless if it’s an edited screencap.
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