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safe1616317 caboose83 full steam186 promontory186 silver lining238 silver zoom235 sunburst6166 oc627564 oc:king calm merriment108 oc:king speedy hooves289 oc:tommy the human443 alicorn206206 earth pony216160 human146540 pegasus257511 pony884083 unicorn285489 comic:fusing the fusions187 comic:the bastion of canterlot36 alicorn oc23706 book31522 canterlot5372 canterlot castle1982 cape9541 clothes426269 comic103362 commissioner:bigonionbean1726 conductor hat64 dialogue61011 father and son834 fusion4808 fusion:king calm merriment108 fusion:king speedy hooves290 glasses56852 goggles13375 gymnasium106 hat79587 human oc463 magic68468 male344025 potion1932 sketch59093 stallion97891 uncle and nephew68 uniform9743 wonderbolts uniform5555 writer:bigonionbean1457


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Emu War veteran..
Ultimate coordination, expanded knowledge/memory, literal GOD status, immortality, respect/treatment as royalty, acting as guardians for the populace.

Basically, It's like the idea of the "dreadnought" naval vessel. The more the merrier, and the more firepower/security one can have for the nation. Granted that this program is voluntary.

I might have missed something story wise. But uh, please inform the ignorant: Why is this a program? Why do these ponies volunteer for it? (Not them specifically but ponies in general). And what exactly are the benefits of this program in the long run?

I'm seriously not trying to shame the artist, the one who thought up the story, or anyone who likes this. (I myself enjoy the "end" products ;P) I'm just curious to the process.
Background Pony #34E1
So even though they are not family by blood, they are still family. Very interesting, that'll kinda explains why the kid refers to Speedy as his dad and Calm as his uncle and vice versa.