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But this isn't even the beach! Found on 4chan's /mlp/, artist not stated.
safe1750860 artist:anonymous1577 artist:splashbrush1 edit135904 editor:anonsocks14 princess celestia96770 oc712129 oc:anon11934 human158966 4chan6641 bath2982 bathtub1814 blushing204708 breasts288756 bubble bath372 busty princess celestia10594 clothes476156 colored19864 cute205733 cutelestia3670 cutie mark on human2033 drawthread2405 duo64765 flirting1517 goggles14458 hat90384 humanized101924 i'm not at the beach this is a bathtub6 innuendo1395 lifeguard2259 one-piece swimsuit4757 reversed gender roles equestria130 rubber duck553 stupid sexy celestia1612 sweat27648 sweatdrops899 swimsuit29734 wetsuit843 whistle1276


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