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safe1640777 artist:lupiarts589 rainbow dash226719 spitfire13066 pegasus266538 pony906243 clothes436223 creepy4085 female1306392 fetish37607 heart45527 lesbian93139 mare450388 olfactophilia231 shipping191752 smiling230600 spitdash425 uniform9958 wonderbolts uniform5631


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Background Pony #267F
>which one older?
Spitfire is the Commander of a squadron, she's deep into her career. Assuming human timescale she's got to be at least 15 years older than Dash.
Background Pony #267F
I think Spitfire needs to call that careless rookie into her office for command level discipline.
A long, hard spanking will teach her not to loose any more uniforms, right on her firm, young butt.