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Wow look its Princess Fat Horse in all of her of fatness.
suggestive159742 artist:secretgoombaman123451336 twilight sparkle319979 pony1206039 abstract background18675 bedroom eyes66974 belly32557 big belly14090 burger2099 butt135645 fat24401 female1501360 food79874 french fries619 glowing horn22937 huge butt11715 large butt21378 looking at you196303 looking back67119 looking back at you19497 magic80788 magic aura5592 obese12866 plot95237 rear view15435 solo1183125 stretched cutie mark404 telekinesis31382 that pony sure does love burgers232 the ass was fat16719 transparent background229917 twibutt6530 twilard sparkle1489 twilight burgkle551 twilight has a big ass573


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In Treue fest
Oh, nice! With that magnificent plot of hers, I somehow doubt this is Twilight’s first visit to this particular establishment.