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So, I got to play Fallout 4, and it contains this one character named 'Silver Shroud'.
Is extremely selfconfident, got frickloads of swollen dialogue, yada yada yada…
So, yeah, couldn't help but feel reminded of SilverQuill.
And thus, I made this:
Silver 'Shroud' Quill.
safe1597332 oc615013 oc:silver quill201 hippogriff8576 anthro235890 clothes418600 cosplay26862 costume25122 fallout3166 fallout 4723 fedora798 gun14867 hat78129 scarf21177 silver shroud2 solo990234 talons1137 thompson m19281 tommy gun208 traditional art109982 trenchcoat553 weapon27945


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