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Hello everyone,

another painting study features a more or less long lost OC of mine, more or less my "dark side" Luci. Let's be honest: Who remembers her? I didn't think many people would like her which is why I haven't drawn her all that often. In short: She's basically everything bad/negative about me XD Yaaaay…. I'm not sure if I should go into detail all that much here.

So, Luci yeah, she is an interesting case and I have no idea why, but I just head this image in my head and needed to paint it digitally. Her creepy expression is actually not a common thing for her, not typical at all, but she may or may not have gotten insane over the time people have forgotten about her. Oh byo, I feel kind of sorry for her actually.

Typical for her though is her damaged scarf, her wilder mane and her bright eye colour, of course adding to her evil character. I used to imagine Lupi and her being sisters, she'd be the evil twin and even cross her sister's positive plans. However, she would not seriously harm her, that's for sure. Although she might not like her, Luci wouldn't "destroy" the positive side of the family. As far as I know, she'd even protect her if anything since she is the physically stronger one of them.

Why did I not really care much about her anymore, ah XD I feel sorry. Well, now I'm curious to hear what you think ;)
Hope you like this little piece hehe.

Time: Around 2 Hours

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