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Another artwork that was hanging on my ’must color’ list for a while! I hope y’all like it. Please support Brae and his stuff!

explicit (274706)artist:andaluce (59)artist:braeburned (698)artist:braeburned edits (78)color edit (6024)edit (93184)shining armor (19603)spike (65585)anal (22377)anal creampie (6704)bara (137)colored (14877)cowgirl position (4937)creampie (22596)cum (63224)dragon (34380)drool (19639)drool string (4365)erection (8407)exclamation point (2729)eyes closed (65093)gay (22065)gaydom (268)heart (36762)horsecock (49548)infidelity (4177)interspecies (18055)knot (2832)male (246627)maledom (3583)males only (2635)nudity (286460)older (16922)older spike (3296)on back (19516)open mouth (100345)orgasm (6566)penetration (39643)penis (118171)pinned (356)pinned down (123)pony (659210)power bottom (79)precum (7882)sex (90988)shipping (158930)size difference (10159)spikemor (135)stallion (68951)tongue out (73121)unicorn (190245)


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Shining Armor is not being choked in this picture. Spike is pinning him with his hands on his chest. Please stop tagging "asphyxiation", which implies near-total inability to breath.
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