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safe1658317 artist:caboni32315 artist:lumineko2783 artist:vest384 princess celestia93094 sunset shimmer60937 twilight sparkle294136 alicorn215180 pony922608 unicorn303866 comic:worship the sun 27 equestria girls193605 equestria girls series31345 forgotten friendship5175 canterlot5538 crown15924 female1321406 floppy ears49882 forgiveness205 guilty90 hoof shoes4946 jewelry58930 looking at each other18918 mare458217 momlestia fuel98 peytral3280 plot75992 raised hoof43138 regalia18676 reunion185 scared10085 scene interpretation8310 smiling235133 spread wings52013 the prodigal sunset75 trio8480 twilight sparkle (alicorn)121060 wings97226


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Hey guys, figured I'd include some extra details about this image. This isn't the only version. There are two NSFW versions available, but they can only be viewed in the full comic. (Warning, despite this otherwise SFW guest page, this is a very NSFW comic)

Normally I try not to promote premium content in comments like this, but I'm making an exception. Not only is Lumineko a good friend of mine, but he's also having a bit of a tough chapter in his life. He could really use your support as he recovers and transitions back into making art again next month. Thanks everyone for enjoying and sharing this image, loving all the positive responses it's receiving!