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This is a picture I felt like making, cause it’s from a chapter of my work-in-progress fanfiction when the Mane 6 go to Canterlot for the night and Cheese Sandwich, Flim and Flam join Discord, Spike and Big Mac in their Guys’ Night. I decided to call Flim and Flam the Wonder Twins, cause it was an easy fit, and the “GK” on Cheese Sandwich’s cape and suit stands for “Gouda Knight”, which is a pun on “good knight”, an idea of one of my friends. True, their costumes aren’t exactly the same style as Discord, Spike and Big Mac’s, but I’m good at designing superhero costumes and not so good at medieval ones, and they are technically all heroes, so I didn’t think it mattered. Hope everyone likes it!
safe1860203 artist:purplewonderpower35 big macintosh30074 cheese sandwich4282 discord33327 flam2272 flim2367 spike83963 draconequus15024 earth pony312598 pony1204488 unicorn393342 dungeons and discords820 armor25923 arrow2427 bow33503 cape11847 captain wuzz108 clothes518382 costume32281 dungeons and dragons1368 facial hair7101 flim flam brothers1325 garbuncle110 gouda knight1 guys night out12 mask7847 moustache3144 ogres and oubliettes313 race swap16178 sir mcbiggen119 staff3162 sword12723 twins2500 unicorn big mac132 weapon33949 wonder twins11


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