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Makes her look taller.
safe1726282 artist:curvesandlines29 edit134141 sunset shimmer63826 equestria girls203084 equestria girls series33612 forgotten friendship5511 absurd resolution66510 adorasexy9963 arm behind head6530 bare shoulders2691 beach15360 beautiful5669 belly button79415 bikini18514 bikini babe730 bikini top1800 bracelet9664 clothes466906 cute202782 cutie mark on clothes2613 feet40646 female1380647 flip-flops1020 geode of empathy3131 hand on hip6459 height difference672 huggable147 jewelry65627 legs8644 magical geodes9010 midriff19568 moe1339 pose6006 sandals4344 sarong1056 selfie3196 sexy30037 shimmerbetes4438 shoulder bag97 simple background400777 skirt40360 sleeveless4584 smiling254126 solo1077590 standing12514 stomach792 stupid sexy sunset shimmer923 sultry pose1875 sunset selfie61 sunsex shimmer15 swimsuit28862 transparent background205327 vector77289


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Background Pony #D341
I wish that she wore a crop top all the time. that midriff needs to be shown off