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Artist's description from DA:
"Mother shall figure something out"


Real dialouge coming later.

Noctis venting how she doesn't feel good about being a princess and how she doesn't feel like she fits in with the elite society of Equestria.
Momma Luna states that all the elites loves and adores her and that she don't need to worry, however Noctis is persitant in that she feels misplaced. Luna promises to help her find another path and enlists her as a new recruit for the lunar guard (without Noctis knowing or agreeing)
safe (1522019) artist:vindhov (267) princess luna (91608) oc (572793) oc:noctis (55) alicorn (183674) dracony (5288) hybrid (13844) pony (796530) duo (45065) ethereal mane (5736) eyes closed (75545) female (846177) gray background (5634) interspecies offspring (5892) jewelry (45963) magic (62505) mare (386775) offspring (31964) parent:princess luna (1813) parent:spike (1887) parents:spiluna (22) simple background (324118) spread wings (45329) starry mane (2986) telekinesis (23158) tiara (2749) wings (65301)


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