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safe1750772 artist:stormxf3136 oc712070 oc only465545 oc:echo893 bat pony52183 human158965 pony1010727 amazing53 animated100828 apple16756 bat pony oc18864 behaving like a cat2244 breaking the fourth wall983 computer6357 cute205729 cuteness overload192 daaaaaaaaaaaw4686 dilated pupils617 ear fluff31200 ear tufts519 eye dilation20 eyes on the prize5567 fangs26695 featured image908 female1402110 food72987 fourth wall2258 frown23572 hand9050 hnnng2479 irl71671 irl human26081 laptop computer2386 leaning3732 looking at something2719 male388101 mare502281 monitor660 ocbetes5665 offscreen character35743 photo81517 pov14505 slit pupils5096 solo focus17497 sound9451 that bat pony sure does love fruits8 tracking6 visual effects of awesome19 weapons-grade cute3761 webm14343 wide eyes17396


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Really, that shouldn't be difficult at all. You'd probably have to configure it (either in building it or on the user side) for specific objects, but there's already a lot of stuff that does similar things (Facerig, for instance).