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safe1577625 artist:stormxf3122 oc606166 oc only410299 oc:echo799 bat pony43528 human142301 pony847428 amazing46 animated92097 apple14655 bat pony oc14367 behaving like a cat1915 breaking the fourth wall783 computer5598 cute177881 cuteness overload148 daaaaaaaaaaaw3110 dilated pupils589 ear fluff23459 ear tufts407 eyes on the prize4925 fangs22194 featured image787 female901034 food60980 fourth wall2141 frown21688 hand7788 hnnng2262 irl62611 irl human24368 laptop computer2051 leaning3159 looking at something2301 male306157 mare416449 monitor543 ocbetes4243 offscreen character29539 photo70739 pov14864 slit eyes4098 solo focus16504 sound6725 that pony sure does love fruits7 tracking4 visual effects of awesome17 weapons-grade cute3215 webm10082 wide eyes16199


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Really, that shouldn't be difficult at all. You'd probably have to configure it (either in building it or on the user side) for specific objects, but there's already a lot of stuff that does similar things (Facerig, for instance).
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