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Background Pony #9C8C
That's nice! Here in Brazil, MLP and DCSHG are dubbed in different states, so they can't have VAs in common.
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not only do I agree with this (I just watechd DC SHG on netflix last week) but in our german Dub, Batgirl and Pinkie Pie share the same voice ;P
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my first thought

after see a few more shorts …..

this show is like a banana split

with My Little Pony : FIM & EQG = Cooke's & Cream
DC Super Best friends = Chocolate Rocky Road
Teen Titan GO = the banana …. i guess (just ignore the banana)

put em all together with hot fudge wip cream , rainbow sprinkle ,and a cherry.

you be like Wonder Woman's sweet tooth
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Don't test my slam jam
There's hardly a shortage. But I do think a couple of these choices are questionable.

Instead of WW, I'd have preferred Wonder Girl/Donna Troy, like in Lauren's old SBFF shorts.

And if Lauren needed a cripplingly shy character to fill out the character roles, it would've been a great opportunity to bring Stargirl/Courtney Whitmore into the spotlight.
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