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Tempest Shadow: First a bunch of weak ponies, now you!? Who are you anyways!?  
Shadow: My name is Shadow… I’m the world’s ultimate life form, and with the power of the Chaos Emerald, I control time and space. You don’t stand a chance against me!  
Tempest Shadow: Bring it on, hedgehog…  
Shadow: CHAOS CONTROL!!!  
(After the fight, both are pretty tired out. The fight ended up in a draw.)  
Shadow: The Storm King isn’t going to give you what you want…  
Tempest Shadow: …….. What!? What are you talking about!?  
Shadow: (pulls out another Chaos Emerald and hands it to Tempest) He only cares about taking over the world and claiming the princesses powers for himself… if you want the truth, shout out “Chaos Control” on the count of 3, then follow me…  
Tempest Shadow: ……….. Fine.  
Shadow: 1… 2… 3!  
Tempest Shadow and Shadow: CHAOS CONTROL!  
(A rift opens up, Shadow jumps into it, Tempest hesitates but jumps in.)  
Tempest Shadow: Where are we?  
Shadow: We are in the past… more than a decade ago when you were a filly to be precise. Right now we are in the Storm King’s lair… take a peek in the room over there. (points to a door that’s slightly opened)  
(Shadow and Tempest peek inside.)
Storm King: (Walking in circles) I must find a way to take over that kingdom, I must have that power! But how?  
Storm Soldier: Sir, what if we hired a pony who lives in Equestria, one who knows their way around the kingdom and has lost something in the past, and is willing to do anything to get that thing back.  
Storm King: Hmmm… could work, but almost every pony in Equestria is happy. Who would be willing to work for an evil king like me?  
Storm Soldier: Uh… sir, three nights ago, I heard a purple filly in a rural town ran away because her friends abandoned her and she lost her horn.  
Storm King: “Lost her horn?”  
Storm Soldier: To some bear or something… some monster clawed her horn off from her head. All she can do is shoot lightning now, she can’t use any magic.  
Storm King: “Shoot lightning?” Hmmm… sounds powerful… find her! Bring her to me! I’ll make a deal with her, if she helps me take over Equestria in the future, I’ll reward her with a new horn.  
Storm Soldier: But, your highness that’s impossible, unicorn horns and pegasus wings can’t be restored!  
Storm King: Exactly! Don’t you get it? I’m going to use her…  
Storm Soldier: Huh… that’s actually not a bad idea sir!  
(In the other room.)
Tempest Shadow: ……………….  
Shadow: Now you know the truth… what will you do now?  
Tempest Shadow: ……………….  
(In the future.)  
Tempest Shadow: Good to see you… your excellency…  
Storm King: Ah, Tempest, my favorite soldier, do you have all four princesses?  
Tempest Shadow: ………. I let them go… released them from their obsidian prisons…
Storm King: What!? Why!?  
Shadow: (closes the door behind him) You villains never seize to make me laugh… you think you’re so powerful… but in the very end, you’re nothing…  
Storm King: Who are you!? What’s going on here!?  
Shadow: (pulls out a gun and shoots the Storm King in the leg)  
Storm King: AHHH!!! Seriously!? What is going on!?  
(The Mane 6, the princesses and Sonic characters begin stepping out of the shadows in the room.)
Rainbow Dash: You could say that, “you’re toast…”
Sonic: This is the Storm King? Ha! I was expecting something much tougher looking… I mean I fought robots more powerful than this guy!  
Knuckles: (cracks his knuckles) So, what do guys say? Shall we do this?  
Princess Celestia: (holds out a metal pipe) I may be a merciful princess… but I do tolerate anyone attacking my kingdom…  
Storm King: Ah crap… what’re you guys doing!?  
Twilight Sparkle: You may not respect me as the Princess of Friendship, Storm King… but I represent the Element of Magic, and you will respect that! (A reference to a fan comic made by someone… I forgot his name.)  
(Everyone starts crowding around, beating up Storm King until he’s dead. Thanks to Shadow, Tempest was redeemed and made her realize everything she was doing was wrong, just as Shadow realized that destroying humanity was wrong. Equestria was saved… in such a violent way too…….. hurray for violence!)
Shadow the Hedgehog belongs to: SEGA  
Tempest Shadow belongs to: Hasbro Inc.Tempest Shadow model:


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Honestly, the only thing I can picture during the fight between Tempest Shadow and Shadow the Hedgehog? Is that Tempest put up more of a fight than Infinite the Fluffy Bunny.
Literally, the fact that she made up for her lack of magic with strength would impress the Ultimate Life Form more than Infinite and his use of the Phantom Ruby. It’s not a lot, but still…