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Finally finished this drawing after a long time. This idea appeared spontaneously among my friends, after that art from Kopcap94 - https://www.deviantart.com/kopcap94/art/Princess-Luna-Lunambula-Season-1-769213882
safe1755199 artist:pony-way310 princess luna100935 alicorn233613 pony1015158 alternate hairstyle29167 beautiful5806 beautisexy940 bedroom eyes61553 cheek fluff5979 chest fluff41429 clothes477366 cloud32212 cosplay28566 costume28662 crescent moon1931 ear fluff31430 egyptian928 eyeshadow16665 female1405929 flower petals194 fluffy14736 headdress587 implied somnambula7 jewelry68773 leg fluff3214 lidded eyes31910 looking at you176386 lunambula8 luxury10 lying down19904 makeup22941 mare504269 moon24174 necklace20665 night27473 on side6859 s1 luna7422 see-through5377 sexy30787 smiling262524 solo1097342 stars16367 steam1973 swimming pool2849 tail jewelry60 tail wrap6726 tattoo5818 window8966 wing fluff1708


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User is CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
Conceptually I can’t think why Luna would cosplay as Somnambula, but I don’t care, because aesthetically it works SO WELL.
Background Pony #7128
For some odd reason, that pose makes me want to tickle her…. In her hooves
Artist -

Beautiful. I love the way the colors of the scene compliment one another, from the dark blue and silver of the night sky outside, the warm reds of the wall and lanterns, the lush green of the plants, the white of the curtains and tile, and the lighter blue of the pool in front of Luna. And of course the moon princess herself looks stunning. ♥ This deserves to be featured.