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Not quick enough Starlight.
safe1691224 edit130858 edited screencap64265 editor:zeppo20 screencap220450 starlight glimmer48211 pony952974 unicorn316989 father knows beast880 abuse7636 animated97842 bad end2112 bath2884 bathtub1721 bathtub gag26 crash705 defenestration165 female1349183 gif30564 glimmerbuse308 hat85606 levitation11966 magic72484 magic bubble99 mare473462 nickelodeon514 ouch1022 screen shake25 shower cap70 solo1053876 suds162 telekinesis27342 this ended in pain193 twilight's castle3824


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Background Pony #E2D2
Fortunately Glimmy teleported in the very last moment.
The bathtube was not that lucky.

The bathtub was actually the one that teleported.
Glimmy was not the lucky.
Background Pony #06D2
No no no no no NO!

I gotta stop takin' my baths during Spike's shenanigans.