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Who needs magic mirrors when you've got a STARGATE!?!


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Good thing that you can usually see what's on the other side (this side of Days of Future Past, where Blink's portals were especially awesome, especially when the other end was in the same room.)

Then again, I remember in Avengers Assemble, the Red Skull had these portals rigged to fry whoever goes through even though what was on the other side looked pretty clear and was gonna use it to get rid of the rest of the… uh, what does Marvel call its version of the Legion of Doom, I forgot?


I've watched all of the movies and shows. I should've also add time travel and intergalactic travels.

But it's also a complicated tech. Black holes or gravity wells, solar flares, anything with crazy amount of power can cause unpredictable effects.

So, the "Equestrian Stargate" work just like the rest.

Who knows, this portal can take to other versions of Equestria:
From Fallout Equestria to one Equestria where Dusk Shine (male Twilight Sparkle) is the only one genderbent.

I have to say, these portals always give me the chills. Anyone played Doom 3? I have. The last time I went through a portal it sent me to Hell. After that, I never trust portals again. Except for Spyro-verse.
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In SG canon lore, it can be used for both, if you know how, are technologically advanced enough and have something that can generate a extremely strong pulse of energy.
Then you just dial a gate so that your wormhole leads straight through a blackhole, fire energy pulse at event horizon and, voila, in theory your wormhole endpoint has jumped to a gate in another universe.
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I always wondered how manual dialing worked. See, even if you turn the inner ring with your hands, how do you tell each chevron "choose that symbol?"

What's funny is, there was nothing like a DHD in the original movie, and of course nothing like the computers at Cheyenne Mountain existed on Abydos, so I've long wondered how the original makers of the film, which wasn't worked on by any of the people who'd come up with the DHD for the show, figured the gate was supposed to be activated. How did they figure Ra and company turned the thing on?