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"MINE! Who needs world domination when you have such a cute cinnamon roll?! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

I just LOVE shipping Butterscotch (genderswapped version of Fluttershy) with intimidating mares XD

And if anyone asks, why Eris (genderswapped version of Discord) hasn't turned Daybreaker into a clown yet:

Well, she tried…

…but when you play with fire, you get burned. And Daybreaker doesn't hold back like "goody two shoes" Celestia XD
safe1708652 artist:banebuster170 daybreaker2813 discord31005 fluttershy212891 alicorn224875 draconequus11769 pegasus292609 pony969709 adorascotch123 adoreris67 all the mares tease butterscotch41 angry27271 blushing198003 butterbreaker6 butterscotch1856 butterscotch gets all the mares9 cheek squish890 clenched fist256 clenched teeth411 cross-popping veins1638 cuddling8393 cute200133 diabreaker78 discordia8 discoshylestia15 envy119 eris1966 eyes closed93759 female1365118 fire hair97 flutterbreaker7 gradient background12648 gritted teeth12281 half r63 shipping1988 hips2696 holding a pony2997 hug28315 implied discoshy145 implied shipping5026 jealous1233 love5009 love triangle400 lucky bastard1783 male373458 mane of fire1388 missing accessory8178 open mouth146274 rule 6326883 rule63betes655 shipping200500 smiling249096 spread wings54818 squishy cheeks2389 straight136561 sweat26407 sweatdrops744 this will end in petrification40 this will end in tears and/or a journey to the moon257 wall of tags3084 wingboner8236 wings107780 worried3932 yandere910 yanderecord36 yanderis2


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Noodles > Everything
And Eris asked to her cousin from another universe, Princess Eris if she can slave Daybreaker to leave alone Butterscotch