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I like it Sunset Shimmer but for to educate children the writers go to put a main character as Twilight in g5
Twilight is timid, neurotic, and insecure, and tends to beat herself up when things go bad; Sunset is brave, confident, impulsive, and when things go badly, she beats up other people.
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Background Pony #B2B9
I mean, while it’s unlikely in FiM, it’s possible in G5. It won’t be Sunset Shimmer herself tho, just pony named "Sunset Shimmer".
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I’d rather Sunset continue in Equestria Girls as it’s own series. Maybe with occasional cameos of ponies or visits to Equestria.

But if Equestria Girls does end then yeah I’d like to see Sunset Shimmer as a regular character.
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Background Pony #A2C9
They could but there’s no obligation to. Apparently from the leaks a while back the only mention of Sunset for G5 was a cosmetic change via a red streak if they played up a bad girl image for AJ in G5 while having her personality based off Tempest’s.
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I mean they could totally do that. They have no reason not to. Hell she could be Twilight’s sister or Celestia’s daughter or something in this one. Make it happen Hasbro
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