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Artist’s description from DA:

I made some new characters for my story. A band of misfits and thieves that some of my nextgens will stumble across. 
Some of you have already seen the bog unicorn when I asked for help with the colors, (decided to follow my gut and make it like this, sorry guys) 

They are all technically homeless but have found a home with eachother. They make a living robbing whoever they come across. 

So from right to left we have: 

Pin. A bog unicorn from the big village. He had his horn break in a freak accident when he was a young teen and ever since the ponies of the village have treated him as some sort of outcast. Like he had some sickness they could catch if they walked to close. His sister Spring Frost (who was his only living relative, she has now passed away) got fed up and took him out into the wilderness reasoning that they could fare better on their own. Out there they later stumbled across others who joined their little family. 

Coal is the youngest member. A little dragoness whose egg fell down from the sky into their part of the swamp. An egg thieving griffon had dropped it on its way somewhere. The gang found it and managed to hatch the little dragon. Knowing that the dragon lands was miles away there was no way for them to return the small little dragoness. 
She is very fiery, straigh forward, quick and nimble. An expert pick pocketer and intimidator despite her tiny size. She lost her eye wrestling a wild manticore. It managed to poke her eye out with its scorpion stinger but she still won the fight. 

Salazari (based on khalilfrederick suggestion Salazar) Naga’s was presumably extinct before this girl showed up. Frost and Pin found her pretty quickly after they had built their very own cottage out in the wilderness. Apparently they had stumbled into her territory and she was not happy. They managed to avoid not getting themselves killed by but at night Frost could hear the otherwise angry and vicious snake sob softly. Frost ventured out into the nifgt and found the snake crying. She managed to get the naga talking instead of hissing and they became somewhat friends. The naga was grief stricken by the lack of companionship from others of her kind (nagas can live several hundred years but had been hunted to near extinction) 
Instead of that however she got the companionship of two bog unicorns and so they later found the rest of their little family. 
She is very creepy and can come of as suspicious and coniving no matter what she seems to be doing but if you have her on your side she is very loyal if a bit ill tempered at times. A big grump but with a heart of gold. 

Snowdrop. And albino minotaur. This guy is also a mute, no one knows if he cant talk or simply just choses not to. They found him as a calf wandering the swamp on his own, alone and confused. No one managed to get a word out of him but they could never find his parents or anyone else and so he stayed. He is currently a teen and looked up to Spring Frost like a mother. 
He is the brawns of the group and does whatever anyone tells him to. Inbetween orders however he likes to sit quietly by humself and admire the nature around him and watching the birds and other wildlife. He is a real sweet heart that loves hugs and other such displays of affection.
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