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This is a continuation (I made months ago) of this picture:
Since people asked where Applejack is. I also wanted to show my love for the closest thing to an actual couple for Princess Celestia.

Then there came along the Ember x Thorax which I HAD to include! Then there is my main pony, "Sol Bright". He gets to be with the excitable and cute Yona.
safe (1374918)artist:azurllinate (58)applejack (142356)coloratura (2405)king sombra (11393)princess celestia (81106)princess ember (4740)thorax (3360)yona (3191)oc (500201)oc:sol bright (13)alicorn (152618)annoyed (3931)appletura (1)bow (17775)canon x oc (17644)celestibra (249)changedling (5127)changeling (29774)cloven hooves (6656)crying (34371)dragon (32915)earth pony (133489)egg (2848)embrax (161)eyes closed (64067)female (708235)folded wings (2881)futurehooves (27)happy (22350)homosexuality (14)horns (3151)interspecies (17747)king thorax (2084)kissing (19118)laying on side (647)leaning (2622)lesbian (77243)looking at each other (11490)lord ember (1)male (240184)multiple characters (85)next gen:futurehooves (26)older (16657)older yona (17)ponytail (12288)preglestia (420)pregnant (10690)rarajack (177)shipping (156197)size difference (9979)smiling (172973)speech (2178)speech bubble (15264)straight (104811)unicorn (183952)yak (2652)


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