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I have hidden all your books!
safe1727725 screencap224457 starlight glimmer49220 pony987912 unicorn332607 the cutie re-mark3220 arm behind head6543 crossed hooves1977 evil grin4512 female1381992 friendship throne711 grin39666 hooves18058 hooves on the table178 lidded eyes31248 look who's back2 mare491310 oh boy46 raised eyebrow6618 return5 s5 starlight1876 slasher smile388 smiling254444 smug6131 smuglight glimmer279 solo1078505 table9369 underhoof52878 welcome home twilight137


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Background Pony #343A
I would like to see Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker's faces swapped with Starlight Glimmer here.