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Uploaded by Background Pony #9A78
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There’s no reason that the reporter is Scootaloo other than she’s a cute horse who looks good in a hat.
safe1753763 artist:hoofclid100 flash sentry13179 fluttershy217556 princess cadance33182 princess celestia96865 scootaloo51966 shining armor23659 alicorn233383 pegasus310304 pony1013424 unicorn343601 :t3871 :|399 blanket5533 boop7608 comic111611 cute206075 female1404625 filly69822 happy32245 hat90609 hoof hold8652 hoof over mouth267 knitting138 lidded eyes31877 looking back60239 male388971 mare503521 notepad532 on side6858 open mouth155078 raised eyebrow6698 reporter69 self-boop434 shining adorable579 simple background410201 sleeping23973 smiling262070 stallion116127 thought bubble3579 unamused16791 white background102764


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