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this is a wedding picture with the normal and genderswapped characters

Background by
FlutterShy vector reuploaded by Me
Pinkie pie by (deactivating his account i will reupload the vector)
Rainbow Dash by
AppleJack by
Rarity by
Twilight Sparkle by
Spike by
GenderSwapped six and Barbara by (tuxedos and dress by me)
safe1583738 artist:404compliant30 artist:90sigma801 artist:drfatalchunk47 artist:kayman13197 artist:mamandil133 artist:psyxofthoros71 artist:sapoltop10 artist:saveman7115 artist:trotsworth208 applejack159609 fluttershy199421 pinkie pie204122 rainbow dash220584 rarity170784 spike74359 twilight sparkle283388 a canterlot wedding2485 applejack (male)1019 applejacks (shipping)40 barb1538 bridesmaid dress265 bubble berry1479 bubblepie125 butterscotch1749 clothes413612 dashblitz186 dress40063 dusk shine2204 dusktwi57 elusive1154 female1180830 flutterscotch107 male309212 male six42 mane seven5922 mane six29636 marriage1110 r63 paradox79 rainbow blitz2257 rarilusive53 rule 6325027 self paradox1121 self ponidox7307 selfcest2584 shipping184186 spikebarb53 straight122048 tuxedo1265 wedding1289 wedding dress1579


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