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safe1706598 artist:jargon scott2415 princess cadance32467 queen chrysalis34797 shining armor23152 alicorn224452 changeling47642 changeling queen16485 pony967693 unicorn323395 2 panel comic1258 bisexual5532 chrysarmordance174 comic109129 dialogue65535 female1363236 german suplex40 gilligan cut39 john cena109 magic73272 male372730 mare480641 music notes3292 necktie7286 open mouth145876 polyamory6770 pro wrestling31 quadrupedal1754 saddle bag5856 shipping200254 smiling248524 sports3607 stallion108801 straight136402 suplex82 telekinesis27728 this will end in pain1953 window8512 wrestling1616


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Okay, they’ve officially turned into siblings.

Luna: “Haha, yknow, you’re kind of like me and my sis-“
Cadance: suplexes the royal sisters too