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So @hattpone drew a great Rarity butt asking for a push so I followed up on the offer.
suggestive (122239) artist:sirmasterdufel (773) rarity (164955) pony (796742) unicorn (242716) 2 handfuls of dat ass (1968) blushing (167611) buttstuck (357) disembodied hand (2333) doorway (261) extra thicc (476) fat (18985) female (846270) hand (7426) huge ass (7271) large ass (11460) lineart (17990) lip bite (9903) mare (386827) plot (69113) pushing (660) rearity (3458) solo (936719) solo female (163398) stuck (2179) sweat (21628) the ass was fat (11946) the ass was too fat (234)


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Background Pony #ECE1
"Mmph! Oh dear..I appreciate you wishing to help me, kind stranger, but with how tightly I seem to be stuck, you may need to push a little harder. Oh, this is the last time I eat a dozen cartons of ice cream in one sitting…"
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