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“I am warning you…for the last time: LET ME FUCKING GO OR I AM GONNA HURT ALL OF YOU!!!” Flare exploded the moment her patience of being tied to the tree behind her had reached the limit, and despite her situation, threw further insults at the small group of bandits who had her trapped.
One of the bandits stormed up to her and slapped her across the face, “SHUT UP, YOU BITCH!!”
The stinging pain of that slap that forced her head to turn to the left hurt only a little to her, but the rage inside Flare burned hotter and with greater rage, and with that she returned her head and gaze forward and with a powerful glare onto the stallion bandit before her, “Oooooh…you…just sealed your fate….”
“That’s it!!” The bandit snarled and raised his hand again.
“Hold it!” Another grabbed hold of the other’s wrist to halt any further slapping, “Don’t bruise her up too bad! She has a very pretty face and I wanna look at it while I am fucking her%”
“None of you…will even drop your trousers before you can get closer to me!” Flare insisted.
“Oh…why is that, wench?!!”
Just then, the sounds of others approaching are heard and Flare turned her head to the left and noticed her beloved crush Courageous Heart, her dear twin sister Blaze, and best friend Dawn all have arrived to save her and teach these bandits a lesson, “That’s why!%”
“What the-” The bandit before Flare noticed and raised his flail at the sight of intruders into their camp, “Get them!”
“GET THIS!!!” Flare growled and raised her right leg and hoof up hard and struck the stallion who slapped her hard in the balls.
“…..” The stallion was breathless and speechless as his mind went blank from that sudden blow to his balls that brought him a terrible amount of pain. The flail in his left hand was dropped as he could not move save for his knees that gave out and made him start to fall downward towards the ground.
“NOT FINISHED WITH YOU YET!!!” Flare shouted and kicked him once more in the balls, harder this time…and no doubt causing permanent damage to the stallion’s pride.
With two blows given, the stallion’s balls bursting within his trousers and he fell onto the ground, out and completely unable to breathe or move. For slapping Flare, he got burned down below with such powerful vengeance…and now could never make life with a female again, unless healed by the Light but after what he had done, no such cure would be given in time. The bandit was down and out, and paid the ultimate price for bringing out the wrath of a woman he planned to rape.
“Gaaahh!!” One of the bandits grunted as Courageous struck him with the hilt of his sword.
“Take that, you beasts!!” Blaze shouted and whacked one of the two remaining bandits on the head with her mace.
“Aaaaghh!!” The bandit cried and ran from Blaze, feeling his head in pain and from the possible bleeding. However, he did not get far as Dawn stood before him…and the sight of her breasts and marehood exposed only made the pain feel less hurtful.
“Oh dear…you look like you are in pain. Allow me%” Dawn giggled and tossed the staff for the bandit to catch, which he did. Once that was done, Dawn struck the stallion in the balls with her knee and then took the staff from him as he fell to the ground, “It’s not nice to stare at a mare’s body, sweetie…so…let that be a lesson to you%”
With that bandit down by a blow to the nuts, with another with two nut blows, and the last knocked down on the ground by Courageous Heart…the few bandits who had captured Flare were out and this mighty group of adventurers had saved their dearest mare.

suggestive193594 artist:nivimonster155 oc967465 oc:blaze firestorm86 oc:courageous heart375 oc:flare firestorm35 alicorn323039 anthro369032 unguligrade anthro66657 series:kingdom of cav257 armor32016 ball busting410 breasts401424 cbt794 clothes651434 club570 couraze18 dagger662 female1846349 flail94 green eyes10584 groin attack170 high heels17782 horn212059 kick918 kicking2726 mace266 male565516 mare768525 morning star55 multicolored hair12864 multicolored mane5572 nudity525580 partial nudity30439 shield2776 shoes61598 stallion202365 sword15072 tied up8974 topless17500 tree51321 unconvincing armor1492 weapon42183 wings234144


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