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Now for Sunset, I'd recommend looking more at Human Sunset, to really see the differences between her palettes.
Looking at Pony Sunset first, may throw you off and think there isn't much difference.
She does have the least difference so far, of everypony/equestria girl I've done, on that note, but the difference can still be noted.

EQG Sunset Credit: Here
Pony Sunset Credit: Here
safe (1521267) artist:caliazian (170) artist:famousmari5 (145) artist:quanxaro (29) sunset shimmer (54470) human (139348) pony (795869) unicorn (242381) equestria girls (172114) boots (17545) clothes (387000) crossed arms (3871) female (845460) geode of empathy (2284) high heel boots (4701) human ponidox (3114) magical geodes (6261) mare (386331) palette swap (1083) part of a set (8609) recolor (3842) self ponidox (6770) shoes (27477) simple background (323820) skirt (33925) smiling (201972) transparent background (169083) vector (70196)


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