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Colored version of >>1987802
suggestive130875 artist:sunibee493 twilight sparkle286092 alicorn202667 pony869199 semi-anthro10949 bedroom eyes53911 book31174 clothes419624 crossed legs2853 female1272935 garters2559 glasses55856 high heels9838 lipstick9908 magic67420 mare432722 mary janes1080 necktie6447 sexy25901 shirt22036 shoes31603 sitting56594 skirt36542 smiling221082 socks58501 solo992164 stockings29314 teacher866 telekinesis25151 thigh highs29676 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117290 vest3565


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Background Pony #3F80

In that case I'm sure you have at least 1001 complaints about pony anatomy in the actual show, especially given that the animators have had them cross their legs in this manner at least a handful of times in the past.

^Suuuuper not how pony heads work, btw. It's almost like these horses are cartoons or something.
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