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safe1640498 artist:flutterthrash732 coco pommel5761 rarity176032 earth pony224494 pony906051 unicorn295921 alternate hairstyle26354 bracelet8576 choker10756 collar31020 darling589 duo54788 female1306125 jewelry57279 mare450298 punk2105 raripunk1161 spiked choker1410 spiked collar929 spiked wristband1136 studded bracelet55 wristband3379


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Trust me coco. Going inside a mosh pit is one of the safest things a Pony can do.

PROVIDING we all look after each other and absolutely NO karate in the mosh pit.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Actual Horse
In my city everypony in the mosh pit is usually very well measured, so they don`t go around punching the skinny boi (me) in the face. Metal heads are best heads.