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I found one of the element images by joycall6, after which I found out that there were more. No one had yet compiled them into a periodic table so I did just that. The eventual file size of the image was 45 MB so it has been downscaled a little so it could be uploaded to here.

Transparent background version of >>1988877

I only compiled the images into one, and did not make any of the images.

Check out joycall6's other work:
safe1658959 alternate version41542 artist:joycall6587 edit127836 applejack165934 big macintosh27651 daring do6305 derpy hooves49401 dj pon-328843 fluttershy207557 minuette5706 moondancer4721 pinkie pie211510 princess celestia93118 princess luna97324 rainbow dash228468 rarity177559 shining armor22630 silver spoon6425 spitfire13147 sunset shimmer60956 trixie65775 twilight sparkle294205 vinyl scratch28846 oc655347 oc:fausticorn1523 alicorn215271 bat pony47310 earth pony231581 pegasus273424 pony923080 seagull185 unicorn304081 series:joycall6's periodic table116 :>324 :o3607 :p8306 absurd resolution65169 aircraft471 aluminium4 aluminum65 anatomy414 ancient egypt40 antimony5 apple (company) coffee3 argentum6 argon11 arsenic6 aurum7 baguette125 balloon9957 banana1948 bananalestia161 barium7 baseball403 baseball bat1047 bat ponified2507 battery157 beaker195 beatnik rarity584 bedroom eyes57250 beret1879 beryl4 beryllium7 bipedal33059 blushing189775 boron6 borosillicate glass3 brain387 bread1353 bromine10 bucket2261 bust46814 c:1186 cable123 cadmium4 caesium4 calcium11 capacitor9 car5889 carbon8 carrying2141 catalytic converter3 cd119 cerium6 cesium6 chemistry329 chibi13889 chlorine16 chromium9 cigarette3648 circuit21 circuit board41 clothes442419 cloud29434 cloudy6033 cobalt5 coca-cola229 coin676 companion cube207 computer5951 cooking1049 cooking pot48 cooling tower5 copper16 crossover60557 crying42166 cuprum5 cut715 cute192586 cute little fangs1946 cutefire208 cutelestia3493 dashabetes8827 derpabetes2426 diamond733 diatrixes3028 diode9 doormat52 drink4667 dysprosium5 egyptian779 eiffel tower134 electric guitar940 electronics43 erbium7 euro13 european central bank4 europium5 eyes closed88372 f-15 eagle27 fangs24004 female1321848 ferrum8 fertilizer35 fiber optic5 film55 fireworks1917 floating3808 floating wings1107 fluorine11 flutterbat6743 flying36789 food67224 gadolinium4 gallium7 gem5818 germanium4 giantess3893 glass4445 glasses59298 glassware4 glow4210 glowstick708 gold1053 guitar4741 hafnium4 hard drive16 hat83218 hatless1951 headphones7336 heart46400 helium112 holmium4 hoof hold7980 hydrogen18 hypercar72 indium4 injured3269 integrated circuit11 intestines403 iodine10 iridium4 iron29 jackabetes5695 jet375 jet engine45 jet plane5 kalium4 krypton8 lab coat2118 laboratory glassware3 lanthanum5 laser914 lauren faust1728 leaf986 levitation11628 licking19437 licking lips4126 light1415 lightbulb257 lighter232 lights801 literal silver spoon5 lithium7 looking at you160177 loupe30 lunabetes3432 lutetium5 mac31 macro10500 magic70901 magnesium8 magnet169 male357330 manganese6 mare458438 mask6377 match113 mclaren47 mclaren mp4-12c16 meter bar3 microchip8 microphone4814 milk4341 minubetes226 missing accessory7900 molybdenum6 monitor589 mouth hold16700 mri3 mri scanner4 mug4045 nails353 natrium4 neodymium5 neon881 nickel17 night25235 night vision13 nightcap489 niko (oneshot)22 niobium4 nitrogen10 nuclear power plant12 ocean6007 oil platform4 oil rig5 one eye closed28766 oneshot32 open mouth137376 operation27 optical fiber4 osmium4 oxygen16 oxygen mask61 oxygen tank41 palladium4 pan140 parody15489 pcb19 pen1181 periodic table196 pet scan3 pharaoh60 phosphorus5 pink-mane celestia2511 plane2597 planet1150 platinum11 png236 poison167 portal (valve)1153 portal gun195 portrait30037 positron emission tomography4 potassium12 power plant14 printed ciruit board5 promethium (element)5 prone24725 pun7388 race swap13824 raribetes5161 respirator177 rhenium5 rhodium4 riding5228 role reversal1351 rubidium5 ruthenium4 safety goggles351 salt157 saltpeter4 samarium4 scandium4 science1210 scissors1076 selenium5 semiconductor6 shampoo296 shears42 shyabetes13080 silicon6 silver78 silverware51 simple background377686 singing6134 sitting60333 sky13252 sleepy1557 smiling235903 smoke2481 smoking4010 soda1516 soda can251 sodium6 solar panel24 solder7 soldering8 soldering iron43 south korea95 speaker232 sports3353 sr-71 blackbird44 stainless steel8 stallion102761 stannum5 stars14901 stibium5 strontium6 sulfur14 sulphur4 sun6420 supercar184 surgery97 surgical mask200 sweater14056 swimming1869 swimming pool2566 tangible heavenly object1316 tantalum5 tantalum capacitor3 technetium4 telekinesis26681 telescope773 television2363 tellurium9 terbium4 test card29 that pony sure loves gems3 then watch her balloons lift her up to the sky880 this will end in death2331 this will end in tears3265 this will end in tears and/or death2236 tin16 titanium7 to the moon303 tongue out99212 tool15 toothbrush747 toothpaste244 torch649 transparent background195423 tungsten5 twilight sparkle (alicorn)121092 underwater4928 vanadium4 vehicle626 wafer10 wall of tags2849 weapons-grade cute3568 when you see it609 wind turbine3 wind turbine generator16 windmill304 window8126 wings97367 wink23674 wires353 wolfram5 wolframium3 wrench729 x-ray7535 x-ray picture139 xenon5 you had one job468 yttrium7 zinc8 zirconium4


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@Parcly Taxel
1. She's so cute without her glasses
2. Did I mention that she is incredibly cute?
3. Perhaps she takes the glasses off to maintain consistent branding when she does experiments in different genres.
4. DJ Qu1kS11v3r standing by, locked & loaded
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Artist -

Probably asleep
@Background Pony #905F
That is correct. Joycall6 did not make art for those elements, and since I am terrible at drawing myself I thought that making art for the missing elements would only deduct from it. If I try to start drawing again I might attempt to make something like this with my own art.