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suggestive137203 artist:evilfrenzy485 princess celestia93126 oc655445 oc:cruithne38 oc:frenzy146 anthro250124 unguligrade anthro46257 ...2232 age regression1378 alcohol6902 anthro oc29115 baby10161 big breasts77910 bra15258 breasts265610 busty princess celestia9899 clothes442454 comic105871 diaper13031 drunk4709 drunklestia143 eyeshadow14751 flower pattern underwear243 foal15195 frilly underwear4394 fruna66 green lipstick85 holiday19637 juice1264 juice box916 lipstick10593 makeup20252 offspring36948 panties48756 parent:oc:frenzy39 parent:princess luna2150 parents:canon x oc1669 parents:fruna33 purple underwear2105 run!7 saint patrick's day294 sweat25168 sweatdrop3021 underwear58899


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Background Pony #EE02
What's wrong with Aunty Sun Rump why is she acting all scary?

She's drunk kids
Duck - User has been known to often resemble a waterfowl
Artist -

rubber Ball
Oh yes absolutely perfect Celestia milk tastes Heavenly you lucky little one you😍😋😋😋😋

Please please please let there be a continuation I really want to see what happens next and fingers crossed that the little one over there to taste of some princess Lee Divine milk straight from the tap 😍😍😋😋