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Toola-Roola lives in an attic somewhere in Manehattan, where she paints, sketches and sculpts anything that comes to mind. She’s amazingly precise with her work, though — she’s never gotten even a single drop of splashed paint on her fur, not even as a foal. The artwork and the regular mess of her room never make contact except for being in the same space.

She takes a colourful approach to her work, with a somewhat saturated palette and broad strokes. Fauvism, I guess. The world around her is her inspiration, all vibrant and beautiful.

Outside of her art she’s visually a massive contrast to her living space, which is littered with different papers, canvases, paints and pencils and charcoals and so on. She tends to go out to visit people instead of the other way around, preferring to display herself as organised rather than, uh, disorganised. I mean, she might be an artist, but artists still need jobs, right? Right?
safe1658197 artist:needsmoarg4333 toola roola746 earth pony231376 pony922518 beret1878 cutie mark45442 female1321311 foal15189 hat83186 mouth hold16692 paintbrush1579 painting3461 simple background377455 solo1033027 toola roola will be painting away16 traditional art114794 watercolor painting2698 white background93532


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