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semi-grimdark (26991) artist:logan jones (271) twilight sparkle (274691) oc (574887) oc:logan berry (43) alicorn (184521) pony (800125) yakity-sax (696) abuse (6021) angry (22760) bloodshot eyes (1098) bulging eyes (20) butthurt (305) can you spare a dime? (26) choking (724) crying (38388) implied pinkamena (20) makeup (16384) mascara (528) messy mane (6644) op is a duck (4018) ow the edge (197) puffy cheeks (3374) red face (178) running makeup (1864) spongebob squarepants (2533) sweat (21695) true story (30) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (111244) twilybuse (454) vulgar (19020) yelling (2690)


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Background Pony #6F31
i'm legitimately contemplating if this guy has mental health issues because of this image
Background Pony #E439
You think that's unlikable for Twilight? Wait until I post one of my fanfics on Facebook. It's about my OC Cuddles. Not his debut story, but one of his other stories I made.
Background Pony #ABE7
Alright that's one way to look at things, they are heavily invested in this fictional character, so what's that called exactly? no seriously the technical term, I'm legit interested.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Somehow Always Wrong
this is enough for me to think that this guy should never touch an art program ever again.
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Background Pony #969C
There are several-to-many things that can be improved in the way you draw, and I hope you someday discover what they are.
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