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Filly’s got the magic boop.
follow up
safe1755199 artist:skitter405 princess celestia96912 princess luna100935 oc713883 oc:filly anon2739 alicorn233613 earth pony267893 pony1015158 :t3873 adoranon67 age regression1441 assimilation207 boop7612 character to character579 clothes477366 comic111671 confused4902 crown18031 cute206238 cutie mark49910 dialogue68228 didn't think this through166 duality4384 exclamation point3982 eye contact6629 female1405929 filly69924 frown23645 glare8306 hoof shoes5800 interrobang987 jewelry68773 lidded eyes31910 looking at each other21566 mare504269 nose wrinkle3079 onomatopoeia4612 open mouth155389 peytral3800 pomf527 question mark4721 race swap14735 raised eyebrow6705 regalia21241 royal sisters4624 scrunchy face7265 shocked7277 shoes38911 shrunken pupils3409 sitting65773 smiling262524 smoke2680 speech bubble24495 surprised9631 tiara4272 transformation11394 triality250 twinning125 unamused16810 walking4954 wavy mouth3877 wide eyes17436 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2414


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Background Pony #2535
Now i want to see a drawing of filly anon dressing up as Meadowbrook and trying to get him/her self back to normal
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

@Background Pony #E715  
I’m imagining Zecora Filly Anon still having strips.  
Filly Anon: “Wait if your a Zebra how come your fur is green?”  
Filly Anon Clone that was Celestia: “OH MY ME ANON YOU CAN’T ASK PONIES WHY THEY’RE GREEN!”
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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“Good evening, I’m Gordon Gutsofanemu with a special report. The Tri-State Area is in chaos tonight as thousands of repulsive mindless Anonicists run rampant all over Ponyville!”