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suggestive192685 artist:cabrony307 artist:raps216 rainbow dash283013 oc960633 oc:snowy212 pegasus507964 pony1629333 g42055075 butt236084 canon x oc35623 chest fluff67312 clothes645263 dock72864 ear fluff52355 female1830461 garter belt12606 imminent sex11063 looking at each other35321 male559962 mare758846 on top1568 panties64630 playful462 plot147344 pubic fluff5148 smiling406262 stallion199932 stockings49517 straight181935 thigh highs61255 underwear79968


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Background Pony #A037
If you look close, you can see the garters are a separate article that go over top the panties, not part of them. The upper part of the waistband isn’t visible from this perspective due to the way she’s posed.
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I’m not sure on the physics behind those panties. The back of the waistband turns into garters and hooks onto the socks and doesn’t actually go around her waist. How is the crotch part staying in place?