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Basic Fun reveals their third series of My Little Pony Stack'ems
safe1617834 cozy glow6736 gallus6198 sandbar5062 silverstream5667 smolder7216 yona4741 classical hippogriff4652 dragon51022 earth pony216709 griffon25170 hippogriff8824 pony885437 seapony (g4)3841 yak4265 basic fun!16 chibi13487 cozybetes1170 cute186626 derp6461 diastreamies1153 fangs22900 female1287806 filly61747 gallabetes823 glare8061 glitter515 hair over one eye8404 head1499 lidded eyes28260 looking at you152970 sandabetes664 simple background362125 smiling224987 smirk11590 smolderbetes1117 stack'ems6 teenager4438 toy21305 translucent86 villainess150 wat18652 white background90533 yonadorable729


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Background Pony #F545
Although I'm disappointed by a lack of Ocellus, I'm glad they're finally making these guys now.