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Draws from the stream yesterday. Taking screencaps of my wife and blorpifying them.
suggestive167546 artist:graphenescloset727 rainbow dash254942 pegasus382977 pony1267693 adorafatty373 apple cider410 belly34107 big belly15182 cider dash129 cute228481 dashabetes10677 dialogue77061 fat25247 female1555381 flying45446 heart eyes21642 huge belly5932 implied applejack820 impossibly fat mare43 impossibly large belly12653 large belly1284 mare588631 morbidly obese9098 obese13294 rainblob dash979 scene interpretation9698 smiling315673 solo1226322 stomach noise3997 that pony sure does love cider81 tongue out123895 tubby wubby pony waifu213 wingding eyes28753


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Nice job 👍. Your wife looks happy. She’s my girlfriend in my Alternate Universe but right here I’ll be friends with her since she’s your wife