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Draws from the stream yesterday. Taking screencaps of my wife and blorpifying them.
suggestive170683 artist:graphenescloset745 rainbow dash257466 pegasus396729 pony1299934 adorafatty376 apple cider414 belly35115 big belly15852 cider dash137 cute232585 dashabetes10830 dialogue78902 fat25704 female1582764 flying46597 heart eyes22283 huge belly6302 implied applejack852 impossibly fat mare43 impossibly large belly12942 large belly1318 mare606008 morbidly obese9235 obese13485 rainblob dash1000 scene interpretation9841 smiling324577 solo1248948 stomach noise4099 that pony sure does love cider80 tongue out126635 tubby wubby pony waifu218 wingding eyes29666


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Nice job 👍. Your wife looks happy. She’s my girlfriend in my Alternate Universe but right here I’ll be friends with her since she’s your wife