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Draws from the stream yesterday. Taking screencaps of my wife and blorpifying them.
suggestive145248 artist:graphenescloset681 rainbow dash235913 pegasus298814 pony984788 adorafatty340 apple cider391 belly28896 big belly11623 cider dash108 cute202513 dashabetes9496 dialogue66383 fat22324 female1379058 flying38709 heart eyes17038 huge belly3720 implied applejack690 impossibly fat mare43 impossibly large belly10581 large belly1108 mare489705 morbidly obese7954 obese11681 rainblob dash832 scene interpretation8702 smiling253625 solo1076419 stomach noise3248 that pony sure does love cider69 tongue out105783 tubby wubby pony waifu193 wingding eyes22805


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Nice job 👍. Your wife looks happy. She’s my girlfriend in my Alternate Universe but right here I’ll be friends with her since she’s your wife
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