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I wanna do a cute vector collab picture for once instead of a villain vector collab pic. xDD I decided, lets do one with my favorite Mane Six pony, Twilight Sparkle. She has been my favorite Mane Six pony for a very long time now. She is written very well and Tara Strong did an excellent job with her voice. I always see myself in Twilight Sparkle but I also see myself with Pinkie Pie. xDD I love her interactions with Discord, my favorite character in the show period. Hehe. Most of her interactions with Discord are negative because Discord loves to mess with Twilight. And I mean… a LOT. xDD So, what if Twilight takes the day off from her princess duties to hang with Discord so their friendship will finally get closer? You can say, yes it did according to this picture. Discord finally did something that actually made Twilight Sparkle giggle. Hehehe. Its so cute.

What do you guys think? What did Discord do to make Twilight Sparkle laugh? And don't make it to dark. xD


Both Discord and Twilight Sparkle vectors by

Background by Hasbro.
safe1658581 artist:nukarulesthehouse159 edit127812 vector edit2880 discord30046 twilight sparkle294155 alicorn215208 draconequus10566 pony922752 caption20840 chaos1165 cute192543 cute face136 dialogue63013 discord's house102 discute1000 duo56785 duo male and female190 female1321560 funny4033 image macro36728 male357221 mare458300 text56131 twilight sparkle (alicorn)121066 vector75036


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Background Pony #9BBC
he turned her books into flying books with spaghetti wings and of course told he he'd turn them back?