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A vinyl scratch commission as a callback to an older piece with a bit of a different setup! :3

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suggestive136748 artist:skipsy651 dj pon-328808 vinyl scratch28811 unicorn301856 anthro249199 absolute cleavage3118 breasts264673 busty vinyl scratch2534 cleavage33226 clothes440978 female1317733 hands in pockets253 hoodie13268 looking at you159300 mare456340 no bra underneath184 pants13606 solo1030256 solo female175287


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Background Pony #0D73
Somehow I can totally see Vinyl as one of those girls who just doesn't wear a bra much, if at all.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Artist -

Massive boobs is a big no-no, but I can overlook that aspect when the whole pic is great, aided by it being Vinyl Scratch with a suitably feminine body overall.