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safe (1504952) artist:jargon scott (1942) princess cadance (29331) queen chrysalis (30829) alicorn (179968) changeling (36469) changeling queen (9823) pony (781822) bust (35724) c: (1137) duo (43775) fangs (19633) female (829138) lidded eyes (21984) long neck (802) looking at you (131881) mare (376752) simple background (317280) smiling (198095) white background (79330)


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Pretty soft for a Sony.
I was going to mention some changeling headcanons…
But then I remembered that changelings were actually shown in a episode hatching from eggs so…
Chrysalis actually doesn't go into labor and birth anybugs unlike the mammalian birthing process that Cadance had to go through…
But I don't think laying eggs versus pony birthing is a fair comparison…
Background Pony #CA7B
Someone animate it to make them bob side to side.

Or a "Chrissy and Cady with Shining" logo.