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As we know little ponies grows fast and Luna’s old bed is small for her now so he decided to find new, more comfortable bed for herself.  
Unfortunately for Celly who also have to find new bed now, and unlike Luna her new bed will much less comfortable^^
Actually Luna should learn manners and understand that this is unacceptable. Today she usurps Celestial bed, what will next, Celestial throne? Such behavior can lead to civil war^^  
But everything can be forgiven if you are a little pony _
(And just one more little thought from my head)

safe2152706 artist:yakovlev-vad593 princess celestia111752 princess luna116226 alicorn309734 butterfly9587 pony1580598 g42005107 ...3170 :<1528 :t4423 angry36234 annoyed7176 bed56675 behaving like a cat3036 behaving like a dog1701 celestia is not amused715 chest fluff63814 crescent moon2771 cute262970 cutelestia4253 cutie mark51530 duo164069 duo female29432 ear fluff49148 exclamation point5566 eye clipping through hair13754 eyes closed136869 female1779093 floppy ears71819 flower38632 fluffy19244 frown35458 funny5431 glare9010 gray background13887 grumpy3212 hilarious169 hnnng2740 horn178362 if i fits i sits217 interrobang1265 jewelry110537 leg fluff4784 lunabetes4326 lying down44481 madorable1077 mare727163 messy mane10532 missing accessory10093 moon31005 neck fluff1427 night37280 peeved176 peytral7154 ponyloaf835 prone34499 question mark6592 royal sisters6562 s1 luna8441 shoulder fluff2994 siblings21130 simple background584797 sisters17537 sitting90641 sleeping29037 small422 smiling389186 spread wings91712 stars22892 sunflower765 sweet dreams fuel2027 this will end in tears and/or a journey to the moon294 unamused23724 wall of tags6408 wing fluff2281 wings216434


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I’ve heard something similar and “Don’t mourn their death celebrate their life”  
Thank you for your kind words. I just got back from the vet. He’s no longer suffering.
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This reminds me of my two cats. Mystic(male), a big Bombay cat I adopted who was abandoned in a box on the side of a road from a shelter and Angel(female) a tiny tabby cat who was abandoned (I believe) by the mother for being a runt on a lawn in winter (weeks old).
Mystic’s a scrapper. He’d claw or bite if you pet in a way he didn’t like, and Angel never bit or scratched anyone in her life. They had two beds, Mystic who was bigger had a bigger bed, yet Angel would always get into that bed and Mystic would end up in the bed meant for Angel.
Angel eventually passed away and Mystic still would sleep in the smaller bed even after she was gone.
Today I’m putting down Mystic (he can’t eat or drink without throwing up and can’t hold his bladder or bowels so his organs are shutting down.)
Angel (R.I.P) 14 years old April 2014  
(that’s her fully grown, she could fit in my hand when I first picked her up and brought her home)
Mystic (R.I.P) 19 years old March 2019
Sorry for dumping their life stories on you all I just wanted to share and felt it fit. I’m really depressed (this picture cheered me up), but I’d like to think I gave them a life they wouldn’t otherwise have. But goddammit it still hurts.
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The real answer to this is for Tia to sleep in her own bed… wrapping around Luna tightly and overheating her without letting her wriggle out.
Deliciously cuddly revenge.
Background Pony #66B8
They should sleep together…  
Also can confirm, this is how my small cat and big dog were back when I had them.
Blue Haze

But even now Celestia wouldn’t just throw her sister out of her ‘bed’ (or whatever that is), choosing instead to use Luna’s old cot.
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You’re a princess, order the castle staff to bring you a bunch of pillows to sleep on. Or a big mattress. You have authoritative powers, use them.

Well, Celestia, time to buy Luna a bigger bed. And then buy yourself an even bigger bed, because Luna’s still going to steal yours so you might as well accept it and make ready for a lot of sleepovers.