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Forget canon! The show sucks anyway. Fanfiction here we go. In mine, Sombra and Hope get married and have kids.
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I'm kind of sad for him.

I mean, I tend to be super empathic even if they're just bunch of pixels but…
Imagine that :

Imagine Sombra, being finally healed. his crime being forgiven. And now he can finally be with the one he love, which love him just as much.

And then he don't.

Instead, he is a dangerous completely corrupted overlord who use horrific dark magic to conquer and enslave all those who resist him.

Imagine being there, seeing that happening, without being affected but without the ability to do anything about it. Like a ghost.
You just saw someone having the most heartwarming thing that could have happened and then…nothing.
His redeeming, erased.
His healing, erased.
His love, the one who loved him back, erased.
And the worst of all is that he will never, ever, remember it.

But you will. You will know what could have been, what should have been. But it will never be.
And the only thing you can do, is being sorry.
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i'm vava
they forget all this, a story "siege of the crystal empire" this is secret comic book!

reformed sombra his skills are different:Statue fossil and umbrum smoke
king sombra in the show season 3 more dark crystal and umbrum smoke
Artist -

Emily Hall
Tbh, I loved Sombra and Radiant Hope. I can understand somewhat why people don’t like that story arch in the comics, but to me, Sombra had more depth in it, and I could relate to Radiant Hope’s naivety and loyalty (a fault and a strength of mine, respectfully).
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Fixing comic Sombra while also erasing mary sue oc named Hope? I had no reason to say it in the last few seasons but thank you show writers.
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@Broken Adam
Well he's still a smart guy. He realized he was being used by his own people. To me that's abit more interesting than "he's some evil guy who just wants to take over an empire".
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@Broken Adam
mastered Alicorn Magic

Unless I missed something it was never confirmed there was a connection between alicorn magic and dark magic.

Comics sombra was a kid throwing a hissy fit about being adopted

Except, amongst several other details, Sombra was never adopted.

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@Background Pony #825F
Slave army makes him more scummy as hes sending innocent ponies to kill and get killed by other innocent ponies against their will

Meanwhile Comic Sombra's Shadow army is actually his mommy's

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King Sombra's in show characterization through his castle was better than the comics

In the show he was a smart guy who mastered Alicorn Magic and managed to slowly conquer Equestria in a timeline without getting dirty while Celestia was killing herself on the fields

Comics sombra was a kid throwing a hissy fit about being adopted